Health Warnings

  • Since December 2002 manufacturers have complied with UK regulations requiring a 30% front-of-pack health warning and 40% back-of-pack warning.
  • On 1st October 2008, pictorial warnings were introduced in the UK.  The last permitted date for sell-through of cigarette products with text only was 30 September 2009. The last permitted date for manufacture of other tobacco product’s textual warnings was 30 September 2009, with a last date for sell-through of 30 September 2010.
  • The TMA believes that it is the role of Government to communicate health messages about smoking provided such warnings are proportionate and do not infringe trademark rights.
  • It is appropriate for legislators to determine the nature of the health warnings they require on pack and our member companies have always complied with those requirements.
  • The risks of smoking are already very well known and there are now large written warnings on packs, which reinforce this information to smokers.
  • Health warnings have been on cigarette packs in the UK since 1971. All UK-based Companies place health warnings on all their packs worldwide even if there is no requirement to do so.