Lower ignition propensity

Lower Ignition Propensity (LIP) cigarettes

Under new EU safety standards all cigarettes placed in the market from 17 November 2011 must be LIP (Lower Ignition Propensity) compliant. To comply with the standards, cigarette design modifications have been made, for example using ‘banded’ paper, which are bands of thicker paper which make the cigarette more likely to self-extinguish, especially when left unattended.

The TMA’s member companies were committed to placing only LIP cigarettes on the market as of 17 November 2011, and therefore were supplying wholesalers and retailers with LIP cigarettes in advance of this date.

Consumers should remember that there is no such thing as a “fire-safe” cigarette. Cigarettes are designed to be burned and any burning item presents a fire hazard. We would urge all smokers to be responsible and ensure all cigarettes are extinguished and disposed of carefully.

Queries with regard to specific brands of cigarettes should be directed to our member companies as appropriate:

Customer Helpline – Free phone number on pack

Customer Helpline – 0800 181519

Customer Helpline – Free phone number on pack