TMA Anti-Illicit Trade Airport Campaign 2015

At the end of July 2015 a campaign aimed at raising passenger awareness of illicit tobacco over the busy summer months was launched by the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association at Luton, Cardiff, East Midlands and Birmingham airports.

The illicit tobacco market cost the UK Government £2.1bn in lost tax revenue in 2013/14 alone. The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association are committed to tackling the issue and educating passengers who may not be fully aware that bringing tobacco products into the UK and selling them on is a criminal offence. This campaign was supported by a series of illuminated messages prominently displayed across Luton, Cardiff, East Midlands and Birmingham airports.

The NUKDP market costs the UK economy over £5.1bn per annum in lost taxes and sales. That equates to over £43,000 per annum in lost sales for small shops that sell tobacco in the UK.

Giles Roca, Director General of the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA), commented:

“Some people do not realise it is illegal to buy tobacco abroad and then sell it on in this country. This campaign has already proved successful when run at a number of airports last year in getting the message across that there are consequences to breaking the law. We should not forget that this practice is affecting many hard-working independent shopkeepers who are deprived of legitimate tobacco sales and related footfall.”

Examples of the electronic displays at Luton, Birmingham and Cardiff airports: