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TMA Publishes Pre-Budget Tax Briefing

The TMA has today published it’s pre-Budget Tax Briefing. To download a copy click here

Ports Campaign – 2016

TMA Anti-Illicit Trade Ports Campaign 2016 At the end of July 2016 a campaign aimed…

The TMA represents the views of our member companies when communicating with the UK Government, regional and local authorities and other stakeholders on issues of shared interest and concern, including taxation, smuggling and youth access prevention.

Our members are British American Tobacco UK Ltd, Gallaher Ltd (a member of the JTI Group of companies) and Imperial Tobacco Ltd. Should you require further information or a more detailed briefing on any of the issues that impact on the tobacco industry, please contact us:

TMA’s new report: ‘Global Business, Local Focus‘.

This report sets out the tobacco industry’s work and contribution in the UK: the thousands of high value jobs it creates; the network of some 35,000 small shops in every single constituency in the UK that it sustains; its significant investment in research and development, particularly in cutting edge next generation products such as e-cigarettes and its contribution of more than £12 billion each and every year to the Exchequer.

The report also highlights the work that the industry undertakes with local councils, not-for-profit organisations and retailers up and down the country to address areas such as smoking-related litter, youth access prevention to tobacco and the illegal tobacco trade.

This report also sets out our views on regulation, what works and what doesn’t. The UK tobacco industry is not opposed to regulation. However, we believe that all legislation that affects businesses and their supply chains should be considered carefully and dispassionately; it should be proportionate and evidence-based; and it should be made transparently, with the full engagement of the industry in question.